John Regner

My introduction to computers started like most; I enjoyed video games as a child, instant message as a teen, and music production as a young adult. In college, I discovered programming. I started with Assembly and C, and am now doing Swift full-time.

I am always thirsting to know more. My Instapaper queue is full of programming articles and I frequent blogs, podcasts, and follow many programmers. Programming isn't just a career, it's also my interest.

I want to work with people who are genuinely excited by technology, who feel that it is a privilege to do this work, and who want to improve the world through their use of computers.

Picture of me

I believe in automation. If there is a possibility of having to do a task again you should automate it.

I believe that documentation should be written in plain text. If a document needs to be written it should be ‘generated’ by a script in a reproducible manner.

I believe that people should strive to master their tools.

I believe source should always be under version control. Commit messages should be long and detailed. Commits should be small and easily understood.

I believe modern programming languages are the future.

Check out my app: WorkWeek

Work Week is a app for improving your work life balance. Using a preset location it keeps track of how much time you spend at work, and sends you a simple reminder when it is time to go home.

The app is written entirely in Swift, and includes a pretty comprehensive test suite. I am currently working on an update targeting iOS9 and the latest Apple Frameworks. I am really excited about UIStackView, and the new Swift Protocol Extensions.

You can read the source on GitHub.

Phone: (262)716-1799